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Cover Love 2020: Spring Edition

Despite everything that is going on, it is in fact Spring. For me, that means it is time for some cover love. (If you haven’t taken a look at my beginning of the year cover love, you can do so here.)


More than likely I will be getting a few of these books via Kindle. As much as I would love a physical copy of Ghost Squad or The Hero of Numbani I am taking the social distancing to heart. During this down time, what are you looking forward to reading?

Fall Cover Love

If you are a new follower, I do a cover love post throughout the year. Here I display different books that will be released between 1-3 months. You can check out January here and June here.

Which are your favorites? And what books coming out this year that I should be looking for?

2019 Cover Love

Although it is still early in 2019, I am falling over the covers of these soon to be released books.

Beyond the fact that these books look gorgeous and will look absolutely stunning on my bookshelf, they sound fantastic.

My hype for these books are real ^_^



The Minis

These Precious Scars by Emily Suvada is the background information you didn’t know you needed until you read it. Listed as the 0.5 to the This Mortal Coil series it provides a quick story about how the kids came to be who we know and love. Does it add to the overall story? Not really. But it fills the time; not only the “I need a quick read in between reads” but the time in between books. Because This Cruel Design doesn’t release until the end of the month (October 30th).

3 Pickles

Capture by Beverly Jenkins was a random Kindle buy and it was because the author tweeted about this book on #nationalpriateday. I fell in love with the cover first and then with the summary. ” . . . a stunning young slave and a roguish privateer share forbidden passion on the high seas. (-goodreads).” The book itself was much more than I had hoped for. The history was rich and the author was able to dig deep into it without dragging the story.  Also there was a hopefulness and a need to look into the history of Black priates and just to see who, what, when and where. I fell in love with this book and although it is the third book to a series, it feels like a complete standalone.

4 Pickles

Legacy by Necole Ryse is like but unlike the stories you read where the kid who grew up without a silver spoon in their mouth gets sent to a elite school. The biggest difference is its an all Black Ivy League school. So you know I am here for this. What is great about this book is the mystery that pulls everything together. I didn’t care for Raevyn Jones, the MC, but everything else around her strengthen the story. Althought I wasn’t too invested in this book to contiune the series, it is a solid read.

3 Pickles

City of Ghosts by Victoria Schwab reminded me of A Curious Tale of the In-Between by Lauren DeStefano, which is such a good book that I am mildly upset the author didn’t make this into a series. But because I saw similaries with these two books, City of Ghost didn’t hit that paranormal spot for me. Yes, this is a middle school book and I have zero issue with this. I enjoy books for middle schoolers just as I enjoy books for young adult. So the intended age range did not bother me. I see why people love Ms. Schwab writing so much but I didn’t within this book. Between the MC talking in her head and a mind reading ghost responding as if she is talking almost every other sentence, it just wasn’t for me. However, it is a solid read that I can see many people enjoying. But if you liked this book, then you’ll love A Curious Tale of the In-Between.

2.5 Pickles

[YAY for mini reviews] <3

Book Review: The Door That Lead to Where by Sally Gardner

Delacorte Press To Be Published Nov. 8, 2016 288 Pages
Delacorte Press
To Be Published Nov. 8, 2016
288 Pages

AJ Flynn has just failed all of his exams but one. Considered a failure by his mother and at 17 years old, he believes there is no hope for him. When he receives a job as a junior clerk at a law firm, he believes there is a future for him.

While working, he finds a key with his name on it and that key leads to 1830. With the help of his two best friends, AJ goes to explore and realize the year may have changed but love and hardship has not. When they discover a crime, only they can solve, the three embark on an adventure not like anything they would have imagine.  

Let me start off by saying that I loved this cover. The book was originally published last year and the cover wasn’t that exciting but this was.

I loved the premise of this book, which is why I picked it up. However, this was a difficult read. It was long and it was slow. There was also something about AJ that didn’t seem real. His tone of voice was indifferent for too long in the book.  There wasn’t a display of huge emotions and that bothered me. It made the book harder to continue. But I kept reading because the author did a really good job of not answering a question and giving me the burning need to find the answer.  I love when authors do that. It is a skill not everyone has perfected.

The same goes for the lack of predictability. There is always a hint at the future of certain characters or an ending. The trick is to not make it so obvious that the reader will see it. Unfortunately, because I saw it, the ending did nothing for me. Beyond that the ending overall was a weak attempt to lead into a second book.

The pace was very slow. I can see the attempts to pick up the story but it didn’t exactly work out. AJ as well as his two best friends, weren’t the most interesting characters. I did, appreciate their differences and their similarities. It made sense that there were friends.

I wanted so much more from this book. It really could have been, easily, a five pickles book but it wasn’t there.

2 Pickles

Book Review: A Fierce and Subtle Poison by Samantha Mabry

Algonquin Young Readers To Be Published April 12, 2016 288 Pages
Algonquin Young Readers
Published April 12, 2016
288 Pages

17 year old Lucas lives mainland but stays with his Father, hotel developer, in Puerto Rico in the summer.  So the stories about the cursed girl, Isabel, is nothing new to him. For years, Señoras have spoken about the girl with the green skin that eats poison to stay alive and can kill you with one touch. Children send letters asking her to grant them wishes. Nothing but childish play.

But when he begins receiving messages with his wishes crossed out and the girl he is interested in disappears, he finds Isabel and unlocks dangerous secrets that can destroy the life he has always known.

I love the cover. It is bright and captivating; truly perfect for this story. But despite the beauty of the cover I didn’t like the book.

To sum up the story, “white boy plays hero after his “girlfriend” is found murdered.” The thing is normally I wouldn’t have too much issues with this simple summary but the book was filled with stereotypes that even the author called out in the book.

Lucas’s father is white and his mother is Puerto Rican. He gets some side eyed stares but for the most part he is in a good place. The stereotypes begin with the description of the  Puerto Rican women and young girls. Without getting into much detail, Lucas’s father isn’t too happy with the fact that he had a child with a Puerto Rican, which states that the woman are okay for one thing if you do not get into close.

Lucas tries to be different but he is the same; being with various girls using his Dad’s car whenever he wants, stealing alcohol . . .typical. Lucas wasn’t an interesting character in the least. There is a bit more disturbing incidents within this story but that would be too look to write.

None of the characters were extremely fulfilling. Isabel had some depth to her but it fell short, rather quickly. I also didn’t appreciate the lack of creative transitions within the story. Every time a new character was to begin or something is to happen, Lucas falls a sleep -_- Really? A good eight hours of nothing passes because Lucas either becomes dead tired or he is knocked out. I thought it was an amateur move.

Also his “girlfriend” was but into the back burner TWICE (I just wanted to put that out there).

I know that I am displaying a lot of negative points in this book but there was some good to it. Mabry can write. Although the story was quick and had some issues, I couldn’t put it down. Maybe it was a mix of the story eluding something amazing was going to happen or maybe because the author created a not as complicated story as one would think from reading the story (backhand compliment, I know. Sorry.) I did appreciate the lack of romantic focus. Even though the whole point of Lucas getting involved was because of his “girlfriend.”

Overall the story was okay. Characters could have been way better. There could have been more suspense as well as history. I mean come on the setting is Puerto Rico. The story was a good idea but failed attempt.

1 Pickle


Book Review: The Vanishing Throne (The Falconer #2) by Elizabeth May

Chronicle Books  To Be Published June 7, 2016 384 Pages
Chronicle Books
To Be Published June 7, 2016
384 Pages

Aileana Kameron disappeared through a portal, while fighting for her life and the world she loves. When she awakes she finds that she is trapped by the evil Lonnrach. Unable to escape , no matter how hard she tries, Aileana is tortured to the point of delusion. 

When she cannot take it any longer, she is saved by the last person she can think of and she enters a destroyed Edinburgh that is on a shaky truce with the Fae. 

As a Falconer, Aileana has the power to save both the Fae and human world, but she would have to awaken the powers that could cost her life. 

Book one was my beloved treasure in 2014. Don’t believe me? Check the review here. I was too hyped to get the opportunity to read book two when it came out. Also that cover is too perfect. However, I was disappointed.

Was Aileana always so selfish? How is it that you can stick your nose up to the fae that have decided to save your behind as well as your family’s behind? In the first book it was very clear that she hated the fae but not only did you fall in love with a powerful fae,  her best friend is fae.

The fae saved your life and yet you hate the fact that they have allowed you to live in their city and have provided you protection. It didn’t make sense. Aileana has every reason to be upset however she has this entitled mentality as if her mission wasn’t to destroy fae good and bad.

Beyond that the story was dragged out. There was a lot of something is about to happen but then nothing happens going on. It was frustrating and disappointing because the first book was so well written.

I did enjoy the romance in the novel it wasn’t too over done but it did make Aileana look like a hypocrite. I also really enjoyed the details the author put in the setting and the surrounding characters; it reminded me of why I enjoy this author and it made it even harder to not roll my eyes while reading this book.

When the pace picked up and when it got back to what I remember, it was almost too late for me to enjoy it. Despite my unhappiness with this book, I need to see how it ends. I need to see the growth in Aileana. I need to see her beyond her desire to kill something and fight. I need to feel a passion for something other than her ever growing need for revenge.

So yeah, I am going to read the third book despite the horrible rating this book got.

1 Pickle

Year in Review: Pretty Covers

NetGalley Review: Head Over Heart (The Mannequin Series #1) by Olivia Besse

Wunderland Press Published March 3, 2014 307 Pages
Wunderland Press
Published March 3, 2014
307 Pages

Elodie Marais is a 19-year-old model from a small town in love with the fame and the fashion. As her modeling career grows, Elodie has the attention of two men but each will give her a different path . .  that she may not be ready for.

All I can say is wow. This was not a good book. I picked it up because the cover is beautiful and the title is great.

What I didn’t like about the book was the dullness of the story but most importantly the main character. It is a known secret that some people do whatever to be a famous and well used model. But that seemed to be all she was about. That’s it.

There was nothing else other than the fact that she was poor, got played by her first love and then decided to sleep around in order to stay on top.

The setting was bad. Nothing really changed around her; she seemed to be getting older but never learning anything or progressing in her personal life.

There is nothing else to say regarding this book.

1 Pickle ( & that is barely)