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Book Review: Rook by Shannon Cameron

Scholastic Press Published April 28, 2015 456 Pages
Scholastic Press
Published April 28, 2015
456 Pages

The Red Rook is a hero; a hero to all who are jailed for opposing the new revolution. Freeing them from jail the Red Rook leaves a red feather in the cell of those rescued. 

Not too far away Sophia Bellamy is saving her family by going through an arranged marriage with Rene Hasard, a man who is not what he seems. But then again Sophia isn’t what she seems. When the search for the Red Rook comes to her door, Sophia and Rene fines themselves in a battle of wits that can change not only their lives but everyone around them.

Love the title, love the cover, love the summary. Didn’t like the book so much.

Sophia comes off as a badass but she really isn’t. She doesn’t really think things completely through especially when she is upset. She makes some dumb life changing decisions and it pisses me off because can’t a female lead separate emotion from a job???? Beyond that I liked Sophia enough to keep pulling through the book but not to finish the book.

Rene was interesting because he was exactly what Sophia thought he was, a smooth talking con artist, but he was also interestingly enough loyal. His character was typical and nothing really surprised me when it came to him or Sophia actually falling for him and not the best friend who has always loved her. The author made a feeble attempt for a love triangle. . .  there is nothing else to say about that.

The entire story-line was weird because too much happened before the halfway of the book and normally I wouldn’t have an issue with this but my problem was I wasn’t at the edge of my seat. I was excited and yearning for more.  It was just “oh okay.”

I wanted more from ta book that I was so excited to read. I couldn’t finish the book. I couldn’t get past the drawn out slowness of the story-line nor the boring characters. The book started off pretty well but it didn’t stay strong.

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Book Review: The Dark Unwinding by Sharon Cameron

Katharine Tulman is being sent to London to find out why her

     Scholastic Press  Published Aug. 27, 2012           318 pages
Scholastic Press
Published Aug. 27, 2012
318 pages

inheritance is being dwindled away by the hands of her eccentric i.e. possibly crazy uncle. But when she gets there she finds out that her Uncle is actually this amazing inventor and he employs a village about 900 people.

While fighting her  feelings (to save her inheritance or a town) and trying to find the truth about her uncle’s way of life, Katharine beings to fall for the mysterious assistant, Lane, who works with her uncle.

This book was okay. I didn’t particularly like Katharine. She was too stuck up and I didn’t completely believe her transformation. The story surrounding her uncle was great and original. I was surprised to know it was based on a true story (it is detailed in the back of the book) and it only intrigued me more.

But the characters, Katherine, her uncle, Lane, everyone, didn’t do anything for me. I was bored. The setting wasn’t as details as I would have liked. Yes, the book had mysterious elements to it but it wasn’t enough for me to enjoy.

However, I did appreciate the fact that the relationship between Katharine and Lane wasn’t the biggest thing. It was a bonus so if it didn’t happen I wouldn’t miss it.

Overall the book gets 6 out of 10. I thought the story was original and a nice retelling of an actual life but it was boring.


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