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Book Review: Poor Unfortunate Soul: A Tale of the Sea Witch (Villains) by Serena Valentino

Disney Press Published July 26, 2016 196 Pages
Disney Press
Published July 26, 2016
196 Pages

This is the third novel to the Villains series staring Ursula and her perspective from the Little Mermaid. 

I love reading the viewpoint of the villain. It makes them human to me. But in this particular story, there wasn’t enough for me to have an opinion about Ursula, other than the girl is evil.

There wasn’t enough detail into Ursula. The book showed a little bit of her past. I would say about 10 pages total and everything else focused on the Ariel and the three witches. So technically Ursula was not even the main focus of this book, although she caused all the issues.

I was disappointed because Ursula deserves a story to be told. The pace of the novel was slower compared to the previous books. There wasn’t a whole lot going on other than talking and trying to find out everyone’s true motive. And although the author tried to tie in 4 different stories into one book, it wasn’t the easiest transitions. It complicated things and there was no need because all I wanted to know was more stuff about Ursula. I wanted to see her humanity or some kind of light.

The surrounding character did add flare to the short read but again it wasn’t about them. I did appreciate the tie-ins from the other books and how every Disney story is connected. The imagery was great. But at the end of the day, there wasn’t enough history on Ursula for me to truly enjoy this book.


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My Summer Reading

Summer Summer Summer Time!!


It’s the time for the beach and for some people like me massive amounts of reading. I love to share; so here is my summer reading list. I may not hit them all and there will probably be extra ones that are not on this list. So check out my goodreads for further updates.

1. When God was a Rabbit by Sarah Winman

2. Defy the Dark by Sandra Mitchell

3. GloomCookie by Serena Valentino

4. The Gates by John Connolly

5. Dead Beautiful by Yvonne Woon

6. The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making by Catherynne M Valente

7. In One Person by John Irving

8. Flowers in the Attic by V.C.  Andrews

9. Rapture by Susan Minot

10. The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton

11. Finding Sky by Joss Stirling

12. Please Ignore Vera Dietz by A.S. King

13. Autumn Rose by Abigail Gibbs

14. Faerie After by Janni Lee Simner

15. Hector Finds Time by Francois Lelord

16. Timekeeper by Alexandra Monir

17. Love, InshAllah: The Secret Love Lives of American Muslim Women by Nura Maznavi

18. Now is the Time to Open Your Heart by Alice Walker

19. Manuscript Found in Accra by Paulo Coelho

20. The Unchangeable Spots of Leopards by Kristopher Jansma