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Poetry Book Review: Freefall into Us by Tess Rosa

Urbane Publications  Published Oct. 1, 2015 304 Pages
Urbane Publications
Published Oct. 1, 2015
304 Pages

Considered a new powerful voice in American literature, Tess Rosa released a collection of poetry and short stories on love, lust and everything in between. 

*Short Review*

Again, if you didn’t know then I will sat it again short stories are not my favorite. But in this book, I liked the short stories better than the poetry.

The poetry was too blunt and for me it didn’t display the class I expect from poetry.  I didn’t feel the imagination was within the poetry because I had no issue with the topics; that was actually my most favorite thing within this book. But this is not to say that I hated the poetry because the first few after the initial shock shook off was pretty good.

The short stories, which in my eyes were better than the poetry, showed so much talent and structure.  Rosa was able to create a story and write it beautifully and her bluntness was more fitting in this type of writing.

I want her to write a novel now. I do not care what it is about but I think she can handle it.

I apologize for the short review in regards to this novel but I can’t give much about the book. It is one of those you will read and understand type books.

2.5 Pickles


NetGalley Review: Blade Dance (Cold Iron #4) by D.L. McDermott

Pocket Star To be Published Sept. 21, 2015 Kindle Edition
Pocket Star
To be Published Sept. 21, 2015
Kindle Edition

School teacher Ann Phillips knows that trusting a fae is dangerous. But when her most beloved second grader goes missing after she discovers magical tattoos on his arm, Ann turns to the one fae that is the most dangerous of them all Finn MacUmhaill.

Finn has wanted Ann for a very long time so when she comes to him for help, he believes this will be a way to prove himself to her. But Ann isn’t who she seems and Finn may have a extra story or two to share with Ann.

I have not read the previous books (1-3) to be honest I didn’t realize this was book four until I read the summary on goodreads.

However, I didn’t need the other books to really understand the whole picture of the book. There was somethings that was missing but overall it wasn’t too much a big deal.

This was an interesting read because it didn’t take much for Ann to get in bed with Finn (I guess from previous history). There wasn’t too much of a fight. The moment she saw him it was pretty much over. I wanted more fight from Ann especially since the whole thing was her not trusting the fae. I wanted more from Ann period because she didn’t have much personality other than the fact that she loved the children she works for and was extremely loyal.

Finn was the stereotypical but honest alpha male. He didn’t turn out to be much, which was a bit disappointing because I want him to be more than a typical bad ass fae.

The book was alright. There is heavy sex scenes but it doesn’t dominate the entire book. It doesn’t because Ann keeps reminding herself that her whole purpose is to save the boy. I feel like the first book of this series may actually be good but for the most part this was an okay book to pass the time.

2 Pickles

Graphic Novel Review: Saga by Brian K. Vaughan (Writer), Fiona Staples (Artist)

Image Comics Published Oct. 23, 2012 160 Pages
Image Comics
Published Oct. 23, 2012
160 Pages


Two soldiers on the opposite side of a never ending war fall in love. And by bringing new life into the war filled world, danger is at their every turn.

Where have I been that I completely missed this graphic novel for the past two years?

Take a look at this cover. The details, the realism (minus the horns an the wings) and most importantly the intensity. The artwork throughout this entire book is intense and pulls as much emotion out of you as the story does.

It is a extremely brilliant and you can really see the care the artist and the author took when creating this.

The plot was interesting and at first I didn’t think I would enjoy it but the author reeled me in with curiosity. Marko and Alana have a strange chemistry that seems like love hate but it really isn’t as you get deeper in the novel.

I love the complexities of each character even though you find out more about their past in the second book. I also cannot get over the fact of how human they are. They are more human than most human characters I read. It is a beautiful display of emotions

Overall, I am only on book 3 of the series and it is one of the most captivating graphic novels I have read in a long time.

5 Pickles.


Adult Book Review: Unintentional Virgin by A.J. Bennett

Amazon Digital Services, Inc. Published Sept. 19, 2013  203 Pages
Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
Published Sept. 19, 2013
203 Pages

Adult Only* I received this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Karma Points thinks that she is cursed to be a virgin for the rest of her life. Her goal is to lose her virginity before her 20th birthday. Her close friend suggest to go to a club to find a guy willing to sleep with her. There Karma meets Jax, the tattooed bouncer with pretty eyes. Not the guy she normally goes for, Karma says screw it.

However, looks can be deceiving and Jax is far from a man who will take Karma’s virginity on a one night stand. He is completely appalled that Karma would do something like and strikes a deal with her. If after three weeks of spending time together and she can lose her virginity or walk away.

I actually didn’t start off enjoying this book because I didn’t like Karma. She was a brat and annoying. I also couldn’t (and still can’t) understand why she is putting so much pressure on losing her virginity *shrugs* So initially I put the book down for a few days but I decided to pick it up again and I’m glad I did.

For some reason, the author made Karma less obnoxious as the book progressed and I loved it. Karma was witty and less whinny and yeah she had some moments you can tell her age but it wasn’t bad. Karma has a lot of emotional issues and that comes from her mother being a witch and her father allowing her to cling on him so much.

Jax was perfect. Seriously, the perfect guy. He wasn’t just a bouncer but he was a fireman that was raised in a household with a single mom and 5 sisters. Throughout the entire story the author stressed the fact that he was raised right. He sure as heck was. However, my only issues with him is his non-existing back-story. I wanted to know more about him than just the fact he was this perfect gentleman that fall hard for Karma. I liked him a lot but I needed a past to love him.

The story was well developed. It wasn’t just full of teasing and we almost had sex. Karma has some huge issues that needed to be worked out and her issues were constantly moving in and out of the story. That showed talent. I was involved in the story which surprised me because I thought I was going to hate it. My only issue with the story is the fact that Karma is an idiot and proved t the end. I understand why she did what she did but it was no where near necessary. But I have to remind myself . . . she’s 20.

Overall this story gets 4 Pickles.

Adult Only: NetGalley Book Review: Heartbitten by Aubrey Rose

                Kindle Published March 12, 2014 212 pages
Published March 12, 2014
212 pages


*I received this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

Robert Chatham is a billionaire vampire that doesn’t attach himself to anyone. With a different girl every night, Chatham is trying to find a cure. When sponsors a chemistry lab, he meets grad student Liz. 

Liz is trying to find a cure after losing her little sister to cancer. Not only does Chatham and Liz have the desire to find a cure in common, they are both instantly attracted to each other. 

Innocent to everything that involves a man, Liz is about to jump head into a relationship with Chatham, thinking the only issue would be his status as her boss.

This story felt rushed. However, it was a decent read. Liz is a very witty character and I actually liked her. Despite the fact that she was a virgin and haven’t been on a date in forever, she wasn’t naive at all. The only thing that bothered me was the fact that she really couldn’t mind her business. I really thought she passed the line of being curious to invading this vampire’s privacy. Its very weird saying that but yeah.

Chatham was an extremely sensitive vampire. He was holding a torch for his first love and every time he thought about her or even looked at Liz he was crying. For what exactly? I have no idea. After 400 years he just wasn’t getting over anything. I felt that this character was over done.

The story was too short for me to fall in love with it. After a week of dramatics, they both decide they are in love with each other and although Liz gave the hell no to marriage she did decide to stay with him. Meanwhile, she never lost her virginity just did other stuff.

I felt the story was a big pull but it wasn’t horrible just needed more words. Overall it gets 3.5 Pickles. 

Book Review: Wicked Intentions by Elizabeth Hoyt

Adults Only

 Grand Central Publishing      Published Aug. 1, 2010          382 Pages
Grand Central Publishing
Published Aug. 1, 2010
382 Pages

I love love historical romance but was a bit bored with this book.

Lazarus Huntington, Lord Caire is looking for a killer in St. Giles London unable to navigate the streets Huntington hires Temperance Dews, widow and care taker of orphan children, as his guide.

In return of Temperance helping Lazarus will introduce her to high society so she can find a benefactor for her orphanage. But of course when a single attractive “innocent” woman is around a well known ladies’ man things tend to heat up.

Temperance was very hard to like . . . honestly I’m pretty sure I didn’t like her. The author made her too innocent as if she was this saint and her sexy side needed to be released.  Even when you discover her big secret it’s still like really . . .? Huntington was too cliché other than the fact he liked being tied up there was really nothing to him.

The story itself was slow. Granted there is not a whole lot of action in a historical romance I think that if a book involved alley hoping in the middle of the night, a killer and money it should thrill more than my sexual thoughts.

As for the sex scenes . . .  let’s just say innocent or proper is not the term to use for Temperance.

Overall, the book gets 7 out of 10. I just wasn’t into it.



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Book Review: Merge/Disciple: Two Short Novels from Crosstown to Oblivion by Walter Mosley

This book is two short stories that have nothing to do with each other.

           Tor Books   Published Oct 1, 2012            288 Pages
Tor Books
Published Oct 1, 2012
288 Pages


Raleigh Redman won the lotto but before that he was regular guy working 9-5 in love with a girl who left him out of no where. After winning he quits his job and decides to read the last gift from his father, a collections of lectures in the Popular Educator Library. While on night reading out of no where a tree branch is in his apartment asking for food.

Out of curiosity Raleigh feeds it and watches grow while also questioning if what he is doing right. By feeding this creature Raleigh opened the door to a new world.

This short story was amazing; from beginning to end. I had a wonderful time reading it. Raleigh himself was a dull and boring character but Mosley was able to bring him to life by the characters around him. However, what I liked about Raleigh was he thought things through; he didn’t just jump at a decision which I though was awesome. Also he wasn’t a whinny brat about it; he was a grown man that had to make a choice.

Overall this story gets 10 out of 10. Wonderful.


This story was not as good ad Merge. Hogarth “Trent” Tryman is a lonely forty-two year old man who works at a dead end job. No friends no want to be girlfriends, just his mom (he doesn’t live with her). One day he gets a message from someone named Bron who tells him he needs his help to alter the world. At first Trent doesn’t agree but is proven Bron is the real deal and goes with it. But soon his conscious doesn’t sit well with some of the actions he is doing and not only is his life in danger but so is others.

The book started off well enough but it didn’t catch my interest. I loved the whole man on the computer technically controlling this man’s life and him going back and forth with his conscious. But for a lack of better term the story was boring. Nothing about these words kept me wanting to read more. There wasn’t the same passion in the words as the first story.

I did like the good things Trent was doing with his new power. It made me respect him but he was boring and didn’t enjoy himself even a little. It made him actually seem like a sad man that really didn’t know what to do with himself.

Overall this story gets 6 out of 10. For a man being controlled by a guy or being on a computer it was pretty boring.  

Tania Lasenburg is a communications major that plays video games and cyber stalks Gym Class Heroes. Follow her on twitter @mrztanyapickles

Book Review: A Touch of Crimson (Renegade Angels) by Sylvia Day


                 Signet   Published Oct 4, 2011             344 Pages
Published Oct 4, 2011
344 Pages

I like Sylvia Day and I like angels.

Adrian Mitchell is the top angel, a powerful angel in charge of a special ops unit of Seraphim. His job is to kill fallen angels who are turned vampires. But although he has a job to do he messed up by falling in love with a mortal so his punishment is to love this same woman over and over again never reaching her in time before she dies.

However, he finally has her but she doesn’t remember her past or him for that matter.

This book really really reminded me of Dark Lover (Black Dagger Brotherhood #1) by J.R. Ward especially the ending.  Adrian meets the forbidden girl of his dreams over two hundred years ago so seeing her at the airport did a number on him and he instantly goes right for her.

Obviously the woman is completely oblivious of her past or even the danger of a future but she wants Adrian and throughout most of this book they do a lot of beating around the bush.

Here is what I didn’t like about the book . . .  the language during these scenes. Day uses such blunt words that I really couldn’t picture either character saying. It felt completely out of place and a bit forced. It was as if she was trying to add more of a shock factor but it really wasn’t needed. It seriously was not needed.

Other than that the story itself was well written. I was really involved in Adrian because he has so much control. Granted almost all leading strong rough men do but his control was different. It wasn’t I’m going to make you hate me and stay way from me control. But I want you around all the time I’m just not going to touch you.

Overall this book gets an 8 out of 10. Good read.


Tania Lasenburg is a communications major that plays video games and cyber stalks Gym Class Heroes. Follow her on twitter @mrztanyapickles


Book Review: Dare Me by Megan Abbott

Some books you completely misjudge . . . this is one of them.

    Reagan Arthur Books     Published May 1, 2012              290 Pages
Reagan Arthur Books
Published May 1, 2012
290 Pages

Addy Hanlon is Beth Cassidy’s best friend. Beth is the Queen that not only rules the cheerleading squad but also everyone in the school. Addy follows anything and everything Beth says no matter what it is. However, when they meet their new cheerleading coach Colette French things become very murky for their friendship.

When I began reading this book I thought it was about a coach getting too close to its students and inappropriate things begin to happen (i.e. sex). I was only partially right. Coach does get close to these girls but she gets closer to Addy, who has been deemed her favorite. Beth does not like this. She does not like Coach and how she is changing her ways and the control over the girls. Beth has it out for the Coach and will do anything to ruin her life. Addy is just the fairly innocent bystander watching from both points of views.

When a sucide happens close to the girls heart, all hell breaks loose and friendships are tested.

This book is not for the lighthearted. These teenage girls are sexually active and the author doesn’t shy away from that. These are girls who are scared of Beth, who are scared that she will not only ruin their popularity but will ruin their lives. It’s pretty intense how Beth controls them. Her word game is really sick.

I loved the characters. Beth was the perfect you love to hate character and honestly I am glad the author didn’t go into her backstory. She was an evil girl no reason why. Addy I thought needed to grow a pair when it came to Beth even at the end she doesn’t really stand for herself against Beth. She does become a strong person I believe and takes on her own but that is when Beth is gone.

The story focus on relationships is intense. Things are truly nothing nothing nothing like it seems. Although I was a bit bored in the beginning, the way the author writes the book she leaves you hanging with each chapter. I needed to know more and with each chapter that only grew.

Overall, this book gets 10 out of 10. If you feel uneasy reading about teens having sex or being evil for that matter then you really should not read this book.


Tania Lasenburg is a communications major that plays video games and cyber stalks Gym Class Heroes. Follow her on twitter @mrztanyapickles


Book Review: Rapture by Susan Minot



Love is complication and sex only complicates it even more. This book moved me; not because of the sexual scenes but because it made sense. This short story tells of two former lovers reuniting for an unexpected intimate moment. Although they are together, sharing each other, so to speak Benjamin and Kay minds are completely else where.

Although this book is considered erotica; there is truly nothing erotic about it expect for the act being done. Benjamin is thinking about his much complicated relationship with Vanessa and how he ended up with Kay (even for this last moment). Kay is thinking about how she didn’t want to love Benjamin and she came to be here with him in her bed.

There is a lot of back and forth between thoughts but Benjamin is the one that is thinking more and deeply. He is confused about who he believes is “the one.” His heart has been with Vanessa for over 11 years but his love for her hasn’t increased at all. Kay comes along and it makes him rethink about his love for Vanessa.

Kay on the other hand may not bluntly say she loves Benjamin but the undertone is extremely strong. What I loved about the book was the fact that it was honest but not distasteful. Kay is performing oral sex and thinking about other times they have had sex. The author, Minot, does not beat around the bush about it nor is she blunt to the point of disgust.

This short story gets a 8 out of 10. I wish there was more talking and more thought from Kay. It seemed too one sided.