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Book Review: Blood Bound (Gallows #1) by Sharon Stevenson

CreateSpace Published Nov. 18, 2015 320 Pages
Published Nov. 18, 2015
320 Pages

Twin demon trackers, Shaun and Sarah Gallows, are use to trouble. As of late vampires are the only things keeping the two 19 year olds busy. While Sarah embraces her powers, Shaun tries to avoid them causing an issue when they meet 17 year old demon tracker Melissa. Melissa, who Shaun is attracted to with fierce intensity, Melissa who is torturing innocent super-naturals. 

Knowing they need to stop her, Sarah is willing to do anything while it may be harder for Shaun to stop someone who is soul bound. 

So, I sat on this book a lot longer than I should have. The thing about this book is it is really drawn out without there being reason to. After a few chapters, I got into the book but the spark died as quickly as it came. Shaun has no life. I guess that was the point to show the different between him and Sarah but his moody depression didn’t help a already long book.

Beyond the fact that the book was long, what bother me was Sarah. She was all over the place and her relationship drama was not needed for this book. It was forced. If this book was about herself then maybe I would have been okay with it but between her drama and Shaun’s drama added too many people to the plot and it became over saturated.

I did like the idea of Shaun and Melissa. I wasn’t feeling the age of everyone but the idea that this “bad” woman could be his soul bound and he was not for it, was interesting. It was a different spin to things but it wasn’t enough to keep the book going. The storyline was pretty slow and the mythology was not as great as you think it would be with two demon trackers leading the way.

I wanted so much more for this 93 chapter (kindle edition). There should have been a better backstory, deeper mythology and more colorful characters.

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