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NetGalley Review: As White as Snow (Lumikki Andersson #2) by Salla Simukka, Owen F. Witesman (Translation)

Amazon Publishing Published Jan. 1, 2013 224 Pages
Amazon Publishing
Published Jan. 1, 2013
224 Pages

If you haven’t read book one, check out the review here

Lumikki almost died. So after getting out the hospital and convincing her parents that she is fine on her own she goes away to Prague for an escape after helping to take down the Polar Bear drug ring.

But it doesn’t take long for trouble to find out. A mysterious woman  names Lenka approaches Lumikki claiming to be her sister. Although Lumikki notices how frighten the woman is because she believes parts of her story she allows herself to get caught in Lenka’s dangerous world.

*Short Review*

The thing about this book is it has nothing to do with book one. It doesn’t pick up where we left off and it doesn’t even solve the mystery of the Polar Bear Twins. This book is completely a different story. I didn’t really enjoy this because Lumikki isn’t getting involved because she has some shady past as a crime fighter or because she is concerned. Lumikki is nosy. She doesn’t believe Lenka. But she says to herself “Well maybe it could be true, so why not.”

I don’t like Lumikki. Her moodiness is unjustified as well as her lonliness. I also didn’t like the fact that the author added an extremely important character to Lumikki’s life out of no where. One moment you are reading about Lenka’s awkward visit and next you are reading about Lumikki having sex. It was weird and disturbing.

But I give the author credit for creating an engaging story even though the main character sucked the life out of it. There was predictability but it wasn’t too bad.

I was hoping with this book that Lumikki would be a better character. I wanted more insight about her past. Maybe I would have liked her if I understood her. Maybe I would have liked this book more if it tied into book one.

Overall, have zero intentions of reading the last book.

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