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Book Review: The Story of Forgetting by Stefan Merrill Block

         Self Published   Published Jan. 1, 2008            312 Pages
Self Published
Published Jan. 1, 2008
312 Pages

Abel Haggard is a hunchback elderly man who lives in what is left of his family’s farm in the Dallas suburbs surrounded by the memories of his loves. In Austin, teenager Seth Waller is dealing with some issues. His mother has been diagnosed with a rare disease. Seth who knows nothing about his mother’s past or family decides to find her relatives and find her genetic history.  This story is told two voices; Abel and Seth. Technically three if you count the medical language.Without knowing it Seth and Abel are connected and that changes everything.

I was surprised how much I enjoyed this book for several reasons. The book was predictable. It didn’t take much to realize that Seth is connected to Abel by Seth’s mother. It didn’t take much to realize that Seth would figure that out. However, there was a pretty interesting twist between Abel and Seth’s mom that I didn’t see coming.

In the middle of the book I felt a disconnect and that is because a lot of medical lingo began (because Seth wants to be a doctor and wants to understand his mother’s condition).  I was able to push forward and enjoy the story. It was extremely well written and it kept me engaged because I needed to know what happened. Throughout the entire story I felt there was going to be this really sad ending and it was sad but not the sad I was expecting.

The biggest thing that bothered me was Seth’s mom. . . I still can’t grasp the fact of why she left her home. I don’t feel she had the greatest reason in the world to go. It should have been more depth than that.

Overall, I enjoyed Abel’s story more than Seth and that was because there was more story and more feeling. The author tried to make Seth have a struggle not only with his mom but with being a teenager i.e. asking a girl out. I felt that if that was how it was to be written then Seth should have had friends.

This book gets 8 out of 10.