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Manga Review: QQ Sweeper, Vol. 1 (QQ Sweeper #1) by Kyousuke Motomi (UPDATE)

VIZ Media LLC Published Sept. 26, 2014 208 Pages


Kyutaro Horikita is part of the cleaning club at Kurokado High School. Tall, mysterious and good looking, everyone notices Horikita but because of his dark and silent staring everyone stays away from him.

By chance he finds transfer student Fumi Nishioka sleeping in a room at the school’s old dorms. But before he can get her permanently away from the room, she sees a door only the cleaners can see and enters without a glance back. Horikita realizes Fumi is special but he must find her before its too late. 

The creativity in this manga is out of bounds and I really didn’t do the summary any justice.

The idea that there are cleaners that’s mission is to not only clean a home or place spotless but also clean the heart and mind of an individual of negative emotions is just freaking cool.

When this other world is introduced, the art work is actually creepy. Sending tiny shivers up my arm. It was actually really cool. It was more than just black dots around it was an emotional piece of art that I appreciate on every level.

The story was very detailed for the first volume. But this didn’t take away from the mystery, intrigue, curiosity whatever you want to call it from the characters. I fell in love not with the characters, who showed a range of emotions including humor but I really fell for the story. It is perfect and I hope the last two books will be great.

The reason this manga didn’t get full stars is because there is a cliche in the romance. It is typical turmoil from the main character and I was disappointed in that. But . . . .

I am really sad that I have to wait for book 2 (doesn’t come out until February). I really cannot wait for it.

4 Pickles



The third volume has recently been released and it is amazing. I normally do not post updates to a series I am reading but this is fairly important information. QQ Sweeper is a prequel to the series Queen’s Quality. I do not agree with the move because there is only one volume of Queen Quality and it is only available in Japanese -_-

But anyway, the third volume is the turning point to everything. We find out key details about Fumi Nishioka. Not too much about her past but more about her future. The romance is still there but at the moment it is a bit one sided. I am also predicting the worst to happen because Horikita is being selfish and his feelings doesn’t seem to be genuine for Fumi.

There is much more action in this novel than there was in the other two. It was exciting and it had me at the edge of my seat. It was perfect, where as book two was a bit shaky.

Short review, yes, but this is only an update. As stated previously, there isn’t going to be a volume 4 of QQ Sweeper, because it is a prequel :( Queen’s Quality is the next novel in this series. Finger’s cross I can find it in English and the author will continue the series and not leave it off.

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Book Review: Mildred’s Resistance (The Network Series 0.5) by Katie Cross

Antebellum Publishing Published July 15, 2015 380 Pages
Antebellum Publishing
Published July 15, 2015
380 Pages

Mildred Graeme is a witch but unlike her best friend Evelyn, practicing magic doesn’t come easy. When the two friends reunite they begin to clash with their ideas of making the world a better place.  While Mildred wants to save the Network from political elitism, Evelyn wants to encourage it.

When Evelyn gains power and threatens life as Mildred knows it, she must overcome her fear of failure to save the ones she loves, even at the cost of her best friend. 

This is a prequel to The Network Series. The first book of the series was good. You can check my review for it here.

Let’s jump right into this. Reading the prequel made me want to read the first book over again. So many things just made sense at this point and I am kind of bummed I didn’t real the prequel first.

Although I liked it, this story did drag a bit. I completely understand how the author was trying to show the difference between Mildred and Evelyn but I wanted more emotion out of Mildred, even when everything was said and done. She was a bore; intelligent and good at what she does but she was still a bore.

What I liked about this book was the back and forth between characters. I liked their different points of views and also how the author made sure to highlight their lifestyle differences. It added to the whole everything making sense thing. The interweaving of their stories was perfect and the transitions were great. I did want more color and life to the overall story; just a little more excitement would have given this book a higher rating.

Character development was good but Mildred still needed some work. Something about her didn’t seem genuine/real and that was my biggest issue with her. But overall, I enjoyed it and may reread the first book since I know more.

 3 Pickles

Book Review: The Graces by Laure Eve

Amulet Books To Be Published Sept. 6, 2016 352 Pages
Amulet Books
To Be Published Sept. 6, 2016
352 Pages

The Graces are famous and River wants to be a part of them. After moving to the small town with her mother, River wants to start over and feel wanted. She will do anything to be around the Graces but are they everything the rumors say they are?

I didn’t expect much from this book. I didn’t because those first chapters didn’t catch me. But I kept reading and I got hooked.

River didn’t catch me. I felt that she was dull and when everything was said and done, she was still dull to me. What got me was the Graces and their mystery and how amazingly the story was written; that was what my attention was on. They were perfect characters that I am not even sure if I hate them.

There was a lot of moving parts within this story with slight predictability. River was predictable and I believe this was intended because there were hints about her outcome all over the book from the very beginning. I am not totally upset about this. I’m not because the pace of the novel was on point. The need to know what happens next was predominant and the mystery of these Graces was so enticing that once I got over the hump of the first few chapters, I couldn’t stop reading it.

I would have liked more of a backstory for the Graces. Maybe some family history and more parent interaction? I wouldn’t mind the book being longer if that was added. I also do not agree with the ending. In my eyes, why would there be a book two? What else can be done other than River doing her thing. The ending reminded me of how much River is a high school student/brat because what I think she is going to do is unnecessary. She is just angry things didn’t turn in her favor. I can’t blame her but still….

Overall, I am happy with this read.

4 Pickles

NetGalley Review: Love, Edy by Shewanda Pugh

Razor's Edge Published June 24, 2014 310 Pages
Razor’s Edge
Published June 24, 2014
310 Pages

Edy Phelps has fallen hard for her best friend Hassan but if those feelings aren’t complicated enough, due to family traditions Hassan will grow to marry the woman his family chooses and forget all about Edy. 

But what Edy doesn’t know is that Hassan can’t forget about her. Thus creating a whirlwind of issues for surrounding friends and their families who have been friends for generations. 

Awesome cover. Seriously, beautiful cover and title. It leaves a lot to the imagination as if we will meet this amazing dancer who falls in love with her best friend.

Sadly to say there wasn’t much going on in the dancing world for Edy. The focus was less on dancing as it was to why she is constantly jealous of Hassan’s interaction with girls.

For once, it felt like I was reading a YA book. The entire plot was very childish and boring. There was no depth to Edy or Hassan. She was focused on Hassan and when she decided not to deal with it, she kept letting herself be trapped right back into it. Hassan was a selfish man. He liked Edy and couldn’t stand her not speaking to him or her speaking to someone else. So he would be extremely aggressive to get her attention or to make his point clear.

Edy was also a jerk herself which surprised me because for most of the book she was actually a nice girl boring but nice. But she proved to be almost like Hassan when it came to things she didn’t want to deal with or was frustrated.

I couldn’t stand the love triangle. It was forced and almost completely one sided.

What I liked about this book was the diversity. I cannot turn away from a book that actually shows someone other than a white female as the lead.

I wish the author took more time to develop personalities, excitement and not just a back and forth between kids.

Overall, this could have been so much better.

2 Pickles.



April 2013 New Book Releases

April will be a busy month for readers. I’m not going to lie there are a few books that I am looking forward to and h


ave them pre-order :) But before you view this list, I need people to understand this:

Even if you are unable to buy books, go to the library and check them out. The library is going through some funny business and there needs to be some more enthusiasm from the public. You really don’t want the library to become like the post office -.-

Anyway enjoy the list!

  1. Paulo Coelho- Manuscript Found in Accra [4.2.2013]
  2. Jennifer E. Smith- This is What Happy Looks Like [4.2.2013]
  3. Kate Atkinson- Life After Life [4.2.2013]
  4. Shana Abe- The Sweetest Dark [4.2.2013]
  5. Patrick Rothfuss- The Wise Man’s Fear (paperback) [4.2.2013]
  6. Gwyneth Paltrow- It’s All Good [4.2.20130] * I love reading cooking books i.e. love to cook
  7. Lili St Crow- Nameless [4.4.2013]
  8. Brian McGreevy- Hemlock Grove [4.16.2013]
  9. Jeremy Haun & David Hine- The Darkness Rebirth Vol 2 [4.16.2013]
  10. Ellen Potter- The Humming Room (paperback) [4.16.201]
  11. Paul Cornell- London Falling [4.16.2013]
  12. Nancy Atherton- Aunt Dimity and the Lost Prince [418.2013]
  13. David Sedaris- Let’ Explore Diabetes with Owls [4.23.2013]
  14. Jon Acuff- Start [4.23.2013]
  15. Neil Gaiman- Unnatural Creatures [4.23.2013]
  16. Edward Rutherford- Paris [4.23.2013]
  17. Walter Dean Myers- All the Right Things [4.23.2013
  18. Isabel Allende- Maya’s Notebook [4.23.2013]
  19. Julie Kagawa- The Eternity Cure [4.30.2013]
  20. Susanna Calkins- A Murder at Rosamund’s Gate [4.23.2013]