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The Minis

Doubleday Books
Published July 11th 2017
322 Pages

The Blyton Summer Detective Club aka teen detectives haven’t seen each other in years since their last traumatizing case.

Now 3 out of the four members, with their massive baggage, come together to figure out what really happened on that case and maybe finally they can actually close it.

This book had a good foundation but wasn’t executed right. Between what seemed like a force relationship, slow plot and lack of in depth world building, this Scobby Doo knock off (sorry couldn’t think of a better phrase) was a hard read.

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Growing your Own Tea Garden is much more than

CompanionHouse Books
TBP: May 14th 2019

giving you steps to well grow your tea garden. There is history behind each tea, each leaf and there is a care the author gives when explaining why this is something you should know/do.

As someone who wants to rely on my own means to take care of my household as opposed to running to the store for everything, this is a great resource to have.

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Madam’s Books
Published Nov. 8th 2018
123 Pages

I have read the first two books of this series. To Claim a King is by far the strongest book of this series. My issue with To Tame a Rogue is it felt like there was less story and more how can I make this book dripping in sex.is The author didn’t take as much care to build a plot as she did with the sex.

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I am just going to start out by saying that this comic

Berger Books
Published July 30th, 2018
128 Pages

is okay. There is creativity in the aliens and how Dr. Future interacts with them.

But it is an overall situation we see in real life. People fighting for the right and enter and live within this country.

The protests, the anger, the fear all of this is portrayed within this comic and although I feel the author did well putting a spin on current politics but there was nothing really grabbing me to continue reading other than Dr. Future’s relationship with Letme.

The Minis: Webtoons

Hawk, a Knight who bows before no one, and Kira, an inventor with a title, are in the middle of a war between 12 knights,meant to protect mankind against Keres, ancient creatures with a thirst for souls.

Between a potential romance between Hawk and Kira, the world building and just likeable characters, this is a solid read that has the potential to becoming something big. But beware, it is currently on hiatus. 

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A 29 year old unemployed, but hopeful romantic meets a 23 year old billionaire. The thing about this webtoon is it can go in so many different directions even though the author initially sets it up for one. Overall, it is a cute story that is a good time filler.

However, if you are uninterested in love triangles and dramatic of the heart, then this isn’t for you. 

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                                            Sam wants to be a game developer but that career choice turns left when a popular gaming personality gives her indie game a negative review and then moves next door (unintentionally).

Let’s Play happens to be one of my favorite webtoons at this moment. However, it is a completely frustrating read because all the author does is leave you with more possibilities for Sam, while you build a connection with the surrounding characters.


I love this webtoon but some actual developing plot, would give this a perfect score.

4 Pickles 

Crumbs came out of nowhere for me. It is a simple story of magic, awkwardness and a building romance that could be the beginning or end of everything.

As you are reading the comic, you can tell that the author is building up to a story that is worth reading.  Ray is a talented magician that can see people’s future/feelings and because of this and past experiences she has always stood on the sidelines watching others live life.

Its about 12 episodes in so there is still a lot of room for growth and changes. The author only updates twice a month, which sucks. But if you are looking for something to read on your down time, this will put a smile on your face.

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