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Book Review: Maleficent by Elizabeth Rudnick

Disney Press Published April 29, 2014 272 Pages
Disney Press
Published April 29, 2014
272 Pages

This book is the version of Sleeping Beauty no know has heard before. Told through the eyes of Maleficent, the fairy who placed a curse on Princess Aurora. 

Short summary; Yes I know but that pretty much sums up the story.

This book was amazing! What made it amazing was the point of view of Maleficent and how it was able to change everything I thought I knew about her.

Sleeping Beauty isn’t my favorite fairy tale. I barely remember it because it did nothing for me. However, I was always curious about Maleficent and why she had it out for the girl. I was made to believe she was pissed off about not being invited to a party.

Soooo not the case. I loved this book because the story was believable. Although it was simple and not complicated by any means I believed this story from beginning to end.

What I also loved about this story is the importance of love not just for Aurora but for Maleficent. I think people tend to forget why certain characters became villains and if they can overcome that.

Overall this book gets 5 Pickles. Creatively I thought it was great, simple, uncomplicated writing and to the  point. Also there was no questions left to be answered.