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Year in Review: 2017

2017 was a year to be reckon with. Beyond the obvious, political environment, on a personal level, on all levels, this year was one that I would prefer to use as a learning lesson. So, just as warning, this will be a long post.


I reached my Goodreads goal of 200 books this year :D Super excited about that because not only did I not reach it last year but I hit constant book walls this year. Between books that couldn’t keep my interest, books that did not live up to the hype and my own expectations and finally books that were poorly written, my book year has been full of highs and lows.

However, I did hit some fantastic reads, some good reads and some pretty covers, that I want to share.

Fantastic Reads

Why were these books fantastic reads? They were engaging, diverse, honest and creative. The plot kept me on my toes, the characters had development and growth. The world, in which the story is set, felt real like opening my front door. Some of these reads fed my love of history and mythology, while other fed my love for a sappy love story. Either way, my fantastic reads of 2017 are highly recommended.

Good Reads

Why were these books good reads? They didn’t hit all of my points previously mentioned in Fantastic reads. But they did keep me engaged for most of the book and I loved the character. Also these good reads, have a very strong foundation and although not 5 Pickles perfect, I am happy to have read them and read the next book in their series if it applies.

Pretty Covers

What’s a year in review, if I don’t display some gorgeous covers. Some of these books I have read, while others I have not been able to get to yet. But aren’t they just beautiful to look at!


So as mentioned this year has been a unexpected force that put a lot of things in perspective. Firstly, I was able to visit my husband in Japan for two weeks and I was able to go to Dominican Republic this year as well. Both were amazing and it made me realize how attainable traveling can be, if you put your money in order. Because of these adventures, I have the wanderlust bug and actively planning a bunch of trips for 2018.

On a emotional level, I have been a mess. I have been missing my husband dearly and the toll of living on the other side of the world was heavy. It’s still heavy but it is much more manageable. We made celebrated two anniversaries this year. 6 years when we started dating or when I stopped being a butt and said sure (October 3rd) and 4 years when we said I do (December 6th). I tend to get a bit emotional when its comes to my Husband because when we met when I was emotionally and spiritually in bad shape. He stuck around even when I didn’t want him to. He means a lot to me and I can’t wait until his deployment is over and he is home for good.

On another note, school has been kicking my butt and the back and forth of if I should even keep going with my masters degree has been a unanswered question for months now. I am leaning towards banging out this final year (InshaAllah) but I am just not into this classes like I thought I would be. But I did better this semester, so hopefully I can keep that going.

I struggled a lot with past Tanya and current Tanya. Past Tanya was getting bored and tired of being in the past and wanted to explore some newfound freedoms, while current Tanya is not for that mess. But because of certain life changing decisions it was hard to stop those thoughts and move forward with the obvious right and better choice. Past Tanya has taken a step back and I pray that it will be for good. Because when I say she was a mess…smh just so messy.

I learned that self-care is needed not every once in a while but all the time and that it can take different forms. For me going to the library or bookstore, taking a bath and disconnecting from social media, have been the best methods I have learned and used a lot this year. I am still growing in this area because me and emotions aren’t the best of friends but I am proud of myself. I had less panic attacks than I did in 2016, so that counts right? Lol

On a second note, I saw my first ballet, went to a Harry Potter experience, watch old anime in a movie theater, met new people, started wearing lipstick, won a few arc giveaways and a bunch of other stuff. Although this year had some downs, the highs were highs but most importantly I lived and got to thank God for that everyday.

Social Media

As of today I have the following followers on each channel I run:

Instagram: viewsfromthe_desktop : 78 Followers

WordPress: motif by Tanya : 122 Subscribers 

Twitter: @motifink 408 Followers 

I have been participating in various twitter chats and hash tags. Social media is taking a lot of my time and I had made it my mission that every month, I will take a week vacation from it. However, despite the overload, I have been putting myself and Motif by Tanya out there and it is visible in the increase of followers. I even began writing monthly updates and topic specific blogs. During this year (2017) I forgot how much I enjoy writing and started making time for it despite my growing responsibilities. I love this renewal and in 2018, I tend to work on my writing more.

What Tanya Wants 2018

There are several goals I am reaching for this year, book related and in real life.

Book Goals:

  • Start posting regularly for Quick Five© interviews
  • Begin posting The Frustrated Reader© monthly
  • Clear out my arc queue on Netgalley
  • Attend book conventions and festivals
    • Book Con
    • Bronx Festival
    • Y’all Fest
    • Book Expo
    • Novateen Book Fest
    • Well Read Black Girl Fest
  • Begin posting on either Amazon or Goodreads
  • Start a YouTube channel

Travel Goals:

  • Baltimore
  • Bday Cruise
  • Seattle
  • Paris
  • Chicago

Personal Goals:

  • Pray 5 daily prayers on time
  • Quran reading
  • Learn Arabic
  • Start rockclimbing again
  • Learn to fence
  • Learn to bake bread and make a pie from scratch
  • Volunteer
  • Learn to drift & drive a stick

Professional Goals:

  • Begin freelance writing
  • Move up in my current company
  • Own a business

What Tanya Wants New Releases: January 2017

Now what can be a end of the year, beginning of the year wrap up without my anticipated reads for January 2017 :)

I do plan on participating in #unreadshelfproject2018 but with so many new reads I am waiting for this year, I am going to modify my goal. For every 3 tbr books, physical and digital, that I have, I will read one of wants. Sounds fair right :)

In Conclusion:

I know that this was a long post and it could have been several posts spaced out during the week but it was great therapy. What is that saying, speak it into existence? Not only am I doing that but praying first and foremost. Is this considered a new year’s resolution? Naw not really. Motif by Tanya is a book review and author interview website but it is also my baby that I put a lot of time in. It’s time to make her stand out and if that means showing a little bit more of me every so so then so be it.

Peace and Blessings, Ya’ll <3

Muslim Writers

In the light of some interesting books and viewpoints being created and posted, specifically on Twitter, I decided to dedicate this post to Muslim writers.

If you did not know by now, I identity myself as a practicing Muslim woman, hijab and all. And although it is not new to see Muslims as the topic of discussion, I felt that something needed to be said at this point. Why? Because reading is the most important thing that humans are capable of. Words change or make your viewpoint. Stories remind you of something; be what is happening presently or what you think can happen in the future, stories shape this world.

But I slightly digress. What sent me over the edge is shown below:

For those that have said or will say ‘but there are books about Jewish detainment camps and Asian detainment camps.” Yes, there are because that actually happened. It is a part of history. Muslim detainment camps where a random white girl saves the day… not my cup of tea nor do I feel it is appropriate to tell that story, mainly because that crap aint happen. And not the whole white girl saves the day, most main stream books tell that same story over and over again. But having a white author talk about Muslim detainment camps as if it actually happened or is going to happen is troubling. That’s my issue and if you have an issue feel free to argue about it among yourselves because I’m not.

The purpose of this post is to remind you all that there are Muslim voices and it is important to read their stories and support them. Just like you are willing to pay $10-$20 to read the white girl save the day, you can support a book where a Muslim girl or boy, woman or man, saves the day, be it the world or their world. Shown below are books written by Muslim authors. If you don’t support Muslim authors, you can never say you didn’t know any. So here are a few. #muslimshelfspace


Quick Five© with Joanna Wiebe

Courtesy of Joanna Wiebe
Courtesy of Joanna Wiebe

Name: Joanna Wiebe

Who is Joanna?  Canadian author new  to the YA mystery scene, with a love for espresso, chocolate, cheese and wine.

Website: http://joannawiebefiction.com/

Books: The Unseemly Education of Anne Merchant (The V Trilogy #1)

Buy: Amazon, Barnes and NoblesBenBella (ON JANUARAY 14)


Hooray! For first interview of 2014! Readers meet author Joanna Wiebe. If you haven’t heard of her its okay but then again it isn’t. Her debut novel The Unseemly Education of Anne Merchant is to be released on January 14th and it is creating so much buzz most (mainly me) readers cannot contain themselves.

Motif was lucky enough to catch Wiebe for a Quick Five© and as her about how excited she is about her first novel and if going to college is worth the paper it is written on. Enjoy!


 The Unseemly Education of Anne Merchant is your debut novel. . . . How are you feeling about its release? How long have you been waiting for this moment?

I’m feeling a healthy dose of excitement and anxiety, which are hard to tell apart sometimes. I think you’d be hard-pressed to find any writer who’s like, “Yup, perfect, I wouldn’t change a word” when handing their manuscript over to the publisher; there’s a reason the American version of Moby Dick differed quite a bit from the English version, which was published first. But I’m really happy with where this novel ended up, and it’s been very cool (read: a roller coaster) to read early reactions to it.

As for how long I’ve waited, well, I guess I’ve waited my whole life. Or at least since I was eight years old, writing a little story on my nana’s typewriter, and eagerly consuming her encouragement. That my book will be on bookstore shelves as of Jan 14 is, to indulge myself in a cliché, a dream come true.

      BenBella Books    To Be Published Jan. 14, 2014                272 Pages
BenBella Books
To Be Published Jan. 14, 2014
272 Pages


What inspired you to write this novel? Was it an event, a story or the lack of story?

I wish it was one thing, but it was everything. You read those interviews with writers who say their characters visited them in a dream, and you think, man, that would be convenient! My characters are like standoff-ish cats, turning their backs to me until they’re good and ready to let me near them. That said, it wasn’t all waiting for my characters to show themselves and tell me their story. I went into this knowing a) I wanted to tell a boarding school story because I love them so much and b) I wanted to experiment with telling the story in such a way that readers would be kept guessing. So far, it seems like the book is successful at both A and B.


Why did you choose to create this story as a series?

Anne’s discovery of the truth of Cania Christy, which is essentially the core of the first book, is just the beginning. We still need to find out what she, of all people, is doing at such a school – because, in fact, it’s not entirely what Anne and Ben think it is. And once Anne discovers why she’s there and what that means, she’s going to have to make a very difficult choice. This was a story that just couldn’t be told in one book – as much as I tried! 


 Do you feel that your degree in English helped you to become a better writer? If so, why?

I think a degree in English exposes you to an impressive range of books and styles that you just wouldn’t come across on your own. I would never have read Donald Barthelme’s Snow White or William Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying had I not been an English major. Although this book is not written in a postmodern or modern voice or style, I as a writer am influenced by those styles – and it’s helped enrich my voice, I think. I hope. One day, if I can get past the worry that I’m a pretentious fop, I’ll write a postmodern YA novel that would make Barthelme proud.

While an English major, I took creative writing classes, and those definitely helped transform me into a better writer. They also taught me discipline, thickened my skin, and boosted my ego just enough, I think. Without them, I wouldn’t have had the courage to write a book.


Finally, if you had to describe your writing style in one word, what would it be and why?

Spongy. I tend to write big, long sentences that are all dense with everything going on – feelings, happenings, even tangents – and then, when I edit, I have to squeeze those big, soaking sentences and shake out shorter, piecier phrases that won’t weigh on the reader quite so much.


Follow this very funny and interactive author on these various social media sites eh? (hahahaha)






Quick Five© with Mindee Arnett

 Courtesy of Mindee Arnett            (Goodreads)
Courtesy of Mindee Arnett

Name: Mindee Arnett

Who is Mindee? A horse loving, former boxer who loves all things paranormal and Mumford and Sons.

Website: http://www.mindeearnett.com

Books: The Nightmare Affair (The Arkwell Academy Books 1 &2) and Avalon (Avalon #1)

Buy: Amazon, Barnes & Nobles

If you haven’t read The Nightmare Affair you need to read my review here and then go buy the book. When you speak to an author a book that you believe changes the whole game, the excitement you feel is off the charts. After having a brief fan girl moment, Tanya Pickles interviewed Mindee Arnett, cutting down the basics of her popular first book and what it took to get there.

Motif Ink is honored . . . Enjoy


What inspired The Nightmare Affair?

             Tor Teen  Published March 5, 2013              367 Pages
Tor Teen
Published March 5, 2013
367 Pages

The primary inspiration came from the Henry Fuseli painting The Nightmare. It depicts a woman with a “nightmare” sitting on her chest. I saw it and wondered what it would be like if the situation were reversed, if the woman were doing the sitting instead. And voilà, Dusty was born.

You state on your website that you wrote four novels, only submitted one and received dozens of rejection letters. What pushed you to keep trying?

Well, publishing was always the goal, but the drive has always been the story. Regardless of failure I never felt any desire to stop writing. And it just sort of followed that I would keep on trying to publish as well. Also, more than anything I think beginning writers need to understand that writing is a skill that takes a lot of time to develop. And the only way to develop it is to continue writing. I don’t consider those early novels as failures. They were practice novels.

 How would you define your style of writing? What is it about your writing that draws people to read or continue reading your book/books?

Hmm…I’m not sure how to describe my style. I love vivid imagery and language, snappy dialogue, and a story that moves. I really don’t know what draws people to read my stuff other than the ideas themselves.

             Tor Teen    Expected Publication March 4, 2014             384 Pages
Tor Teen
Expected Pub. March 4, 2014
384 Pages

Do you feel that you are a successful writer? What makes you successful?

I think that success isn’t something you obtain. I think it’s something you have to strive for every day. It’s always ongoing. So I guess by that logic I’m only successful because I keep at it.

 Finally, what is the lasting impression you wish to leave in the literary world?

Ha! For now, all I aspire to is to keep having the opportunity to write more books. We’ll see if there’s any lasting impression later, I suppose.

Mindee loves cyber stalkers (hahaha) so follow her here





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Quick Five© with Kimberly Karalius

   Courtesy of Kimberly Karalius
Courtesy of Kimberly Karalius

Name: Kimberly Karalius

Who is Kimberly? A Floridian author, who prefers to stay indoors, dream of fairy tales and watch silent movies.

Website: http://kkaralius.blogspot.com/

Books: The Pocket Forest

Buy: Amazon

Fairy tales are becoming the go to topics for Young Adult books. However, retelling a fairy tale doesn’t exactly leave the biggest mark in the literature world. Meet Kimberly Karalius, an author who decided to create her own fairy tale without the total help from Disney. Interviewed by Tania Lasenburg, Kimberly explains why college was worth it and how is it that she can write so much!


How has your college courses help you write your first book? Was it worth going to college to be a writer or was it an experience you can do without?
In college, I was raised as an English major despite my core classes being writing. We didn’t have a creative writing program. Whatever stories I wrote were entirely on my own time, staying up late in my dorm room with a binder full of ideas. I did write my first novel in college, but I never finished it. I planned too much, leaving me no room to improvise in my first draft (a good example of when organization isn’t you best friend).
Meanwhile, I studied Keats, wrote a paper on 16th century pastorals, and learned how to pick symbolism out of ancient mythology.

       Deathless Press  Published Oct. 16, 2013        Ebook 58 Pages
Deathless Press
Published Oct. 16, 2013
Ebook 58 Pages
It wasn’t until graduate school that I really got to focus on “being a writer.” I had never been exposed to so many craft techniques and exercises, literary journals, and perceptions that came out during heated workshops. Because my fellow grad students were also aspiring writers and poets, good conversation about books, films, and video games were never lacking. These days, graduate school is a choice for writers. Do you need to go? I don’t think so. But for me, dedicating three years to honing my writing skills was time well spent!
It states that your book is an original fairy tale. What made you decide to do a take on fairy tales? What inspired “Pocket Forest”?
Most of my stories are inspired by fairy tales, so it was second nature to go that route with Pocket Forest. However, inspiration for Pocket Forest didn’t stem from a particular fairy tale, but rather a subculture: mori girls.
Mori girl (or forest girl) is a fashion movement created in Japan. Mori girls embrace a natural and woodsy look, wearing loose-fitting dresses, layers, and blushing cheeks. While the style is endearing, the philosophy caught my attention. If you’re a mori girl, you take life at a slow pace. You trust your feeling above everything and enjoy the tiny details in life.
After reading about them, I knew I wanted to write about a mori girl. Thus, Harriet (and her mori boy counterpart, Stig) was born.
You have several  writings displayed on Figment.com. How are you able to focus the story you see in your head and place it on paper?

One step at a time. Sharing my stories on Figment has certainly helped in that area. While some ideas are harder than others to wrestle down on paper, I’ve found that knowing I have readers waiting for the next installment is motivation enough to keep writing.  

   Short Story by Kimberly Karalius via Figment.com
Short Story by Kimberly Karalius via Figment.com

As far as authors go who do you look at as inspiration to do what you do better?

When I’m looking to improve my description, I love settling down with one my poetry collections. Sara Teasdale is by far my favorite poet; she writes plainly, but her poems are full of lush images and feelings. I have a few favorite authors that I reread, not only to enjoy their stories again, but to also see how they handled certain scenes or dialogue. My list of favorite authors keeps growing, though!

Finally,  how would you describe your success as a writer not only with “Pocket Forest” but with all your stories?

I think writers succeed when they are heard. For me, nothing makes me happier that receiving emails from my readers. The fact that they liked my writing enough to take the time to write me is a magical thing. After Pocket Forest was released, seeing the reviews on Goodreads and quotes from my chapbook being circulated on tumblr was very exciting. Still is, really. It’s one of the wonderful aspects of being a writer.


Kimberly loves what she does and loves sharing it with people so follow her here to stay constant in her fairy tales

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Quick Five © with Graeme Simsion

     Graeme Simsion      (Photographed by James Penlidis)
Graeme Simsion
(Photographed by James Penlidis)

Name: Graeme Simsion

Who is Graeme? Australian author born in New Zealand with love of a good story as well as information systems.

Website: http://pages.simonandschuster.com/therosieproject

Books: The Rosie Project, Data Modeling: Theory and Practice, Data Modeling Essentials

Buy: Amazon, Barnes & Nobles,  and ITunes

Amazing surprises can happen on twitter. The connections you can build or find it just so overwhelming you can’t but smile. When I posted the review of The Rosie Project, Graeme Simsion’s first novel (click here), I didn’t expect for the author himself to find my review and share it with his fans. It made my night. However, when asked for an interview, Simsion agreed and that placed me on cloud nine. So it is my esteem pleasure to provide this interview with Graeme Simsion to my readers in which he discusses his best selling book The Rosie Project.          Enjoy


Before this debut book “The Rosie Project” you had released three technical books. What made you decide to enter the world of fiction?

Actually, just two technical books, though I did contribute to some others. In 1998 I read Joe Queenan’s  book ‘The Unkindest Cut’ about making a low budget film. I was inspired to make my own. I adapted a story my wife had written and that led to me trying to write an original screenplay and so it went…

The Rosie Project is a very unique story.  How did you come up with the idea? Most importantly how were you

     Simon & Schuster   Published Jan. 1, 2013            340 Pages
Simon & Schuster
Published Jan. 1, 2013
340 Pages

able to create Don Tillman?

I worked in information technology and academia for many years – and originally studied physics. So I met a lot of Dons. The original story was inspired by a friend of mine who struggled to find a partner, but over five years it changed totally. I made up stuff!

How would you describe the success you’re receiving for your first novel?

It’s what I dreamed about and worked towards – but that doesn’t mean I expected it to happen. It’s been a huge surprise and I’m enjoying it – even getting up at 4am to catch flights to meet readers and booksellers. I’m delighted so many readers are enjoying the story and in so many cultures and languages – current translation count is 36.

The Rosie Project is being described as chick literature. How do you feel about that?

My only problem is that I don’t want men to be put off reading it. It’s a book with a male protagonist written by a male and men who actually pick it up and start reading generally keep reading and enjoy it. It’s also been described as “romance” and while I’d debate whether it’s genre romance (I don’t think so) if that gets it a wider audience then I’m not complaining. Overall the literary reception has been very good, so I don’t feel it’s been put down by any labels.
Finally,  is it too soon to look for a new book?

Not at all! I’m working on a sequel that I’m expecting to be published late next year.


Constantly  interacting with his fans, follow Graeme on these sites:




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Quick Five © with Kaitlyn Davis

  Courtesy of Kaitlyn Davis
Courtesy of Kaitlyn Davis

Name: Kaitlyn Davis

Who is Kaitlyn? Buffy (the vampire slayer) lover completely obsessed with all things paranormal and fantasy.

Website: http://kaitlyndavisbooks.blogspot.com/

Books: Midnight Fire Series (Book 1-4), Darlings of Urban Fantasy, Five Shades of Fantasy, The Shadow Soul (A Dance of Dragons #1)

Buy: Amazon,  and Barnes & Nobles

Meeting someone that knows from the beginning that writing is all they wanted to do is always an honor to interview. You see the passion for words the moment they speak about their experiences. Dear readers meet Kaitlyn Davis, a New Yorker whose love for writing matches her love for Young Adult.


Why did you choose Young Adult as your breakout genre? Are you trying to reach the adults that read YA or the teenagers that read YA?


YA is my absolute favorite genre–to read and to write! Teenage emotions are so intense because everything is being experienced for the first time. It’s not just love–it’s all consuming first passion. It’s not just loss–its pain that rips you apart. I love exploring these overwhelming feelings in my books, and I love pushing my characters further than they ever thought imaginable. Those early experiences define people for most of their lives–I want to write the coming-of-age teen, not the often-jaded adult.

As far as my readers, everything I write is PG-13. If a book is YA, I believe any teen should feel comfortable picking it up! But, I also mix in complexities that appeal to an older audience. The more the merrier in my opinion!

           Self Published    Expected to be Published 2014
Self Published
Expected to be Published 2014


What type of impact do you think your books are leaving in the literary world? What is it that makes you feel successful as a writer?

Probably not much! Self-publishing is still considered very faux pas in the literary world, but that’s okay with me. Nothing is more satisfying than hearing from my fans, and my readers make me feel more successful than anything else ever could! All I can hope is that people take a chance on my books, and if they enjoy them, are open to trying more great self-published titles. Like with anything else, there are some hidden gems if you just look for them!


 What matters most when you are writing your stories? Why does it matter?

A hard journey with a happy ending! I want to push my characters, bring them to the edge of their sanity, make them feel like everything is lost, and then finish in a way that keeps some sort of hope alive. The real world has too many sad stories; we don’t need any more of those. I believe reading should be an escape for my readers–a place where, unlike in real life, every tale gets some version of a happy ending!


Your latest book “The Shadow Soul (A Dance of Dragons #1)” which is expected to be released some time in 2014, is being compared to “Game of Thrones” series as well as the “Graceling Realm” series. Do you feel these comparisons are a huge expectation or it is a perfect comparison for your new series?


Not to sound full of myself, but I think the comparisons are perfect–even if those are very hard shoes to fill! The Shadow Soul has the epic scale of Game of Thrones–it’s told in a completely different world with warring kingdoms, surprising politics, and grandiose adventure. But at the same time, my book is as personable as Graceling with a very focused two character story line allowing me to dive deeply into their individual emotions. There are ruthless elements balanced by sweet moments–and did I mention dragons?

          Self Published    Published Oct. 9, 2011            Kindle Edition
Self Published
Published Oct. 9, 2011
Kindle Edition

The book will go on-sale in February 2014, and you can check out more information on my blog! http://kaitlyndavisbooks.blogspot.com/p/a-dance-of-dragons.html

Finally, how have you grown as a writer since your debut novel in 2011? Do you still feel there is more room to grow?


Wow–truly leaps and bounds! My creativity has exploded now that I am constantly channeling it to write. My ideas have gotten bigger, my characters have become so much more complex, and my plots have been surprising even me.

Anyone who has read my Midnight Fire series would probably say the same. Ignite was great–but Simmer is better, and Blaze better still, and Scorch blows them all out of the water! And I hope this pattern continues!

Life is over the minute you stop being open to learn new things! I truly believe education is everything and I know I will grow stronger and stronger with each new book I write


Kaitlyn loves new followers. Follow her to know more about her and her ever evolving books.






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Quick Five© with Travis Luedke

Courtesy of Travis Luedke
Courtesy of Travis Luedke

Name: Travis Luedke

Who is Travis? Hilarious father and full time author with a true love for sexy horror.

Website: http://www.twluedke.com/

Books: The Nightlife Series (Books 1-3), The Shepherd, Blood Slave, A World of Romance (ASMSG Collections#3)

Where to Buy? Amazon and Barnes & Nobles


You instantly know when you found the author of your dreams; fun, passionate, knowledgeable and so completely serious all at the same time. Readers meet Travis Luedke a wonderful author who provides a breath of fresh air in genre (paranormal romance) so often used.  Interview by Tania Lasenburg, Travis explains not only his thought process when writing but how serious self-publishing really is.


Were you always a writer? If not what did you do before you decided to publish your first book and why did you decide to leave it?

I started writing in 2010. It wasn’t until 2012 I decided to self-publish. Once I saw everybody doing it, I knew it was time. I love the control I have over every step of the publishing process.

Control freak? Yes.


Why did you choose romance paranormal? What it is about that genre that you feel draws readers

and writers in?

I have always been a fan of escapist fiction like Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Robert R. McCammon, and Peter Straub. I found horror novels based on the supernatural were my Brian Lumley taught me the dark, wicked beauty of vampires. Then I discovered Anne Rice. I loved The Vampire Chronicles, but these creatures never had any sex! I wanted vampires who get it on, seducers. With Laurell K. Hamilton I finally found the full, combo meal deal. Vicious predators, sexy seducers, and gobs of smoking-hot sex; I’m a total addict now. PNR is my guilty pleasure, and that’s what I write. I have my cake and eat it too. My vampires live in the real nightlife of today: back alleys, ghettos, strip clubs, casinos, drugs, prostitution, escorts, mafia, cartel. All that good stuff.

I like it dark, gritty, violent and sensual, with thriller intensity. I blend these elements into my own wicked cocktail.


How has your experiences been in the publishing world? Is there a lot of networking? Sucking up?

          Self Published    Published Aug. 18, 2012              Kindle Edition
Self Published
Published Aug. 18, 2012
Kindle Edition

Or did you have an easier time because your writing spoke for

I pretty much splatter myself on every major social media platform. You could call me a social media junky. I spend more time there than I do actually writing. For those who like a dark, gritty, sexual read, my work does speak for itself, and the Nightlife Series cover art oozes sensuality. Honestly, publishers trying to combat obscurity need to get creative, get guerilla. It’s all about metadata and Amazon’s internal SEO, keywords and categories. We have to grab eyeballs with freebies, giveaways, discounted sales. Our main advantage over traditional publishers is our ability and willingness to sell for less, and give books away. I know, it sucks. We write our masterpieces only to give them away?

Sounds insane.

But Amazon is the self-publishers best friend. A massive freebie campaign, giving away twenty thousand books, is

really a smart move. Everybody debates the pros and cons, but this is the best way to get our books in front of thousands of eyeballs. For prolific authors with a series, numerous titles available, a fat ass freebie run brings loads of attention to our other books.


 What in your daily life allows you to stay creative?

I have a constant stream of ideas. Never dries up. My critique partners look at my ideas and give me a score on the suckometer (usually needs a lot of work). They know my writing intimately, and they bring me back down to reality. It’s easy to become consumed with a new idea. I need my team to point out the gazillion flaws in my genius (lots and lots of flaws). Either it sticks, or the idea is discarded for something better. A novel is constantly evolving, right up until the moment I click publish. The real problem is putting away the social media to focus on writing. Social media will consume your life, an addiction worse than drugs.


Finally, how has your writing changed from your first book to your last?

Its sexier, meaner, leaner, tastes great, and less filling. I write the light beer version these days, a minimalist approach. Lots of chopped clauses. A sprinkle of touchy-feely. Some wall-smashing, toe curling sex scenes. Sift in a few pounds of crushing violence and cover it in blood frosting (several quarts of arterial flow sprayed across the room). I have a lot of fun with my writing. Got no problem getting into the mind of villains. It’s the heroes I always struggle to write.



               Amazon   Published May 1, 2013              Kindle Edition
Published May 1, 2013
Kindle Edition

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Quick Five© with Dawn Robertson

     Courtesy of Dawn Robertson (EroticaDawn.com)
Courtesy of Dawn Robertson (EroticaDawn.com)

Who is Dawn Robertson? Sarcastic realistic mother & lover of romance, smoothies and the convenience of a drive thru.

Book: Her, Finding Willow and Kink in the Halls

Website: http://www.eroticadawn.com/

Where to buy? Amazon and Barnes & Nobles

Everyone loves a good naughty book. Ether its plain old nastiness or just a good story with some great sex, everyone enjoys a book that heightens the physical imagination. With that being said Motif Ink would like to introduce Amzon Best Selling Erotic writer Dawn Robertson. Mother and happy Pitbull owner, Dawn explains to Tania Lasenburg why writing is her life and how she makes it work.


What was it that made you leave you full time job to write? Was it a specific event or just a build up?

I just couldn’t do both anymore. I originally started writing as a hobby. Then it slowly became a full time job, which I absolutely loved doing. I really believe to be happy in life, you need to love what you do.

How did you handle a full house with a new career? 

I still have no idea. I try and write while the kids are at school or sleeping, since it is quiet but with deadlines sometimes that doesn’t always work.  It is a lot of give and take.

Why did you choose Erotica as the genre for your first novel?

Published Oct. 10, 2013       Kindle Edition
Published Oct. 10, 2013
Kindle Edition

This is my first erotic novel, I have written romance under my real name, but when I decided to branch off into something a little more “outside the box” I wanted to distance myself.  I am an erotica junkie myself, and I had so many ideas that fell right into the genre so easily.

How are you able to balance sensual scenes in your novel and the story between the characters?

I still am trying to work on that. I *think* I got it right with Hers, but I certainly struggled. It is a hard balance, because I often found myself questioning whether the sex was too much, or not enough; maybe too early in the book, or not hot enough once the couple established their real relationship. I kind of just threw caution to the wind and hoped it all worked out for the best!

Finally, what inspires your writing?

Everything. But I think most of the time it is a scene.


Always love connecting with her fans follow Dawn Robertson here:



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