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Book Review: The Rise of the Dawnstar (The Avalonia Chronicles #2) by Farah Oomerbhoy

Wise Ink Creative Publishing
Published April 2017

The seven kingdoms of Avalonia are crumbling and evil is spreading across the land like a plague. Queen Morgana is close to finding a way to open The Book of Abraxas and it’s only a matter of time until she uses the power trapped inside its pages to enslave the entire world.

With Avalonia growing more dangerous by the day, Aurora must travel through war-torn lands and deep into the heart of the fae kingdom of Elfi. Her goal is to find a legendary weapon infused with the last of the realm’s ancient magic—the only weapon in the world powerful enough to stop the queen.

Aurora might have survived her first battle against Morgana, but the true fight to save her kingdom and restore her throne has only just begun. -Goodreads

If you haven’t read the first book, I would recommend it. I thought, although the story isn’t that original, it was still written amazingly and I was excited at each page. This book took a different turn than the first one and I was thrown back by that. Book two is focused on romance and yup if you didn’t know what I meant by that statement, I mean there is a love triangle. And let’s be honest, that annoyed the crap out of me. It bothered me because although it wasn’t the driving force of the novel it became really clear as to what would be happening next.

There was no real surprises in this book, however, that does not mean it isn’t written just as good as the first book. Aurora loses sight of what is important but she gets back on track once her distraction is gone. But biggest issue with Aurora is she isn’t the Queen she should be and I don’t know if she will and that makes me concerned. I understand that there need to be growth and development through a space of time but man, she was killing me. I don’t mind romance. I mind love triangles. I mind when a focus shifts from the life changing world changing mission to what about the man I am in love with. This is not to say that this is all Aurora did but there were times when some decision was based off her emotions for someone she doubted.

Beyond that and the love triangle -_- the book was written well and I didn’t expect anything different from this author. I wasn’t as excited as I was in the first book but that does not mean I wasn’t into this book. The pace was great, the overall story was what I wanted in Aurora’s development to becoming Queen but her enthusiasm was not really there. I wish there was more fight and more twist and turns but a solid book two.


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