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NetGalley Review: Zodiac by Sam Wilson

Pegasus Books To Be Published Feb. 17, 2017 452 Pages
Pegasus Books
To Be Published Feb. 17, 2017
452 Pages

San Celeste, a society divided by Zodiac signs, are dealing with a series of brutal murders with victims from completely different walks of life. Detective Jerome Burton and astrological profiler Lindi Childs are on the case and despite their differences in beliefs, they know that this serial killer has bigger plans that can destroy the world as they know it. 

Let’s just say that this read was creative and the author deserves so much credit for creativity. Think of the caste system but with your zodiac sign. Depending on your zodiac sign you are placed into a pre-determined way of life. It is actually really cool, how the author breaks down the zodiac and how it applies to a group of people and then how he breaks down the planets at a certain time and date. I was impressed and my awe keep the book going for me.

It wasn’t the only thing. I loved the different stories, the different point of views all leading to one big picture. Everything flowed; it didn’t feel forced in any way. There was one particular story I was more interested in and that is what push the book further for me. The plot was great and although at some times there was an obvious wall but you’re so interested and curious about what happens next, the wall doesn’t bother you too much.

Lindi was a surprising character for me. I liked how she balanced Jerome and I liked how free she was. Big up to the author for diversity as well. I wish Jerome had more of a personality; I didn’t mind him being so closed-minded at times but a spark in him would have been nice.

I did feel the book was a bit long but I am more than happy with the outcome.

3.5 Pickles