NetGalley Review: A Neophyte’s Tale, An Abbey Thorne Short Story (Netherwalker 0.5) by C.K. Dawn

Smashwords Edition Published April 27, 2015 Ebook
Smashwords Edition
Published April 27, 2015

There is a power that is calling to Abigail Thorne. It is a single word that promises her power that she has never dreamed of. But Abigail has no idea that by uttering that single word she is reveals a world most humans do not know of. 

*Short Review*

This probably would have been a better read if I read the first book in the series. It is really easy to get lost within this book and by lost I mean confused.

Abigail is having a rough life. Her mother is a good intention-ed drunk. She knows her daughter is special but she can’t help but blame her daughter for the lost of her husband (he abandoned them).  If this book was any longer, Abigail would be a drunk herself. She doesn’t hesitate to take one of her mother’s bottles or drink when the worst happens to her.

The confusing part of this book is the line between what is really happening and what is in Abigail’s head. It took a lot away from the book because I had to go back and re-read the chapter to figure out what happened.

Overall, this short story was missing a lot for me to actually want to read the first book. Will I read the first book? Yes, because it seems like an interesting story but not because of this short story.

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