Monday Vibes

Peace & Blessings, Ya’ll. Grateful to see another day. Grateful to see another Monday. Last week . . . was a week. Not only did I hit that brick wall called reading slump but I also was swamped with work so much I dreamed about it -_-

However, despite all of this, I have been writing more than the previous months. I plan on doing some more before I go away (my sister is getting married in New York <3 )

As opposed to me saying what books I said I was going to read, let’s just skip to what I actually read.

I was surprised about Pride. I liked it but then at the same time, I was very frustrated with it because Zuri is an ass and a bully. I have never read any of the Pride and Prejudice books or even retellings. This is my first and it wasn’t a bad read. Its just that the reason I liked it, may not be have been the reason everyone does (not that it matters).

A Room Away from the Wolves was a difficult read that I am proud of myself for finishing because I did not like it.  Dark Witch was likable but was dragged out without a whole lot going on. Finally, The Agony House although had a slow start was a good read and I hope Cherie Priest will continue to write books this way.

All of these books will have a review with some more details and I hope you guys will enjoy it when posted.

Currently I am reading Small Spaces by Katherine Arden and it is good.

I pray you all have a great week! Overall goal this week? Bang out some books on the TBR pile





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