Manga Monday: Light and Shadow by Ryu Hyang, Hee Won (Illustrator)


It’s a rude insult when lowly and headstrong servant Edna comes to marry Duke Eli, instead of the noble daughter he expected. But the ambitious maid hides an even bigger secret behind her obvious ruse – one that could change the kingdom’s very history.

Can the two find freedom, redemption – and love – without drawing their swords on each other?– Goodreads

TW: Rape (?)

Notice the question mark next to the trigger warning? I put that there because although I view it was rape, others may not (just a heads up)

This is a very straight forward, historical romance manga and I am glad that I finished it.

I was surprised with how much I loved this book and how easy going it really was. Its complicated but not by a whole lot (as it is a pretty short manga). Edna is way more than what she is appears to be as well as the Duke Eli. I have a love hate relationship with Duke Eli. He became a better character. . . a better person for Edna but that beginning was rocky and I was almost at the point of putting this manga down but I liked Edna and wanted to know her story.

Artwork was well down and bonus if you read the manga on Kiss Manga its in color :)

Previously, I had mentioned that it is straight forward . . . it really is. Things move fast. Situations become resolved with as little complication as possible. Are there some twists to give the read a bit of a thrill? Yes but I mean straight forward as in everything comes together without all the extra fluff/beat around the bush. It was actually a breathe of fresh air to not read a long winded manga, that is filled with a bunch of assumptions about what the other person is feeling. Granted I will still read those but this one was nice.

Pace was great. As mentioned before this is a short manga (I breezed through it in a night).


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